The Brendan Foundation serves to aid and assist survivors of domestic violence, after court and custody action is filed with the court. Since the courts do not provide attorneys, quite often the more financially disadvantaged is often without an advocate. Navigating the complicated and daunting process of family law on ones own, can be scary and overwhelming for someone who has already gone through the crushing experience of an abusive relationship. The Brendan foundation not only recognizes the need for connecting survivors with experienced attorneys but also the need to reach out to the parents in crisis and anticipate needs that are not met by government social services. To name a few; referrals to counseling and spiritual support, transportation to and from the numerous court hearings, child care, diapers, referrals to other aid agencies and help with filling out of paper work and some one to just be a listening ear by some one who has “been there”. Most importantly instilling a sense of hope and a feeling of not being all alone in this often excruciating painful period in their lives.


The Brendan Foundation raises funding through public donations, grants and charitable events to fund legal help, educate and raise awareness through social media and video presentations at our events.

The Team

Cher Helina  – Executive Director

Ms. Helina’s passion for The Brendan Foundation grew out of her own personal experience several years ago while having to navigate the complexities of the family law legal system. Offering her the strength to endure the process was always the notion that when her ordeal was over she would make an effort to reach out and help others who had the misfortune of enduring the same difficulties. Over the years, Ms. Helina was fortunate to cross the paths of other attorneys, domestic violence advocates, pastors in charge of their caring ministries, law enforcement and even a Judge, who all seemed to be on the exact same page. Realizing the enormous need, that so far, no organization has been able to crack the code. A need for not just affordable or pro bono legal help through daunting custody battles, but ‘experienced’ family law legal help. Further than that, collective professional opinions have agreed that a single parent in crisis, can literally over night be thrown into financial ruin. Therefor their needs become much more than the legal support. The driving force behind Ms. Helina’s commitment to making a difference to those families in need is the effect that the lack of legal support has on the children. Ms. Helina was blessed to meet Rebecca and although was powerless to undo the damage already done to Rebecca as a result of lack of services, funds and legal help, she is determined to not let Rebecca’s story and loss of her son Brendan, be forgotten in vain. Hence the namesake of the Brendan Foundation. In his honor. A tragic story for a little boy who at five years old and of no fault of his own lost his dear Mom out of his childhood life and perhaps forever.


When a custody or divorce action is filed, the court does not provide an attorney. Therefore the more financially disadvantaged is often without an advocate. This is further complicated when there are issues of domestic violence present. The Brendan Foundation helps connect survivors of domestic violence with experienced attorneys and provides funding for those services.

"What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world."

- James 1:27 GNTD



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